" The Divine Path of Light will be given to the world" - Doreal.

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BWT, Inc. Since 1930
BWT, Inc. 1930年 創立
BWT, Inc. 1930년 설립
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Metaphysical And Occult Truth 




The Brotherhood of the White Temple is an organization devoted to the advancement of Metaphysical and Occult knowledge and the furtherance of the Brotherhood of Man and the establishing of contact with the God-Soul or Universal Consciousness. It is governed by the Executive Board of Directors under a Colorado Charter. The Executive Board holds authority over all secular and religious matters. In support of the Executive Board is the Supreme Council headed by the Supreme Voice. In the tradition set by Dr. Doreal the president of the Brotherhood is also the Supreme Voice. The Council consists of seven individuals who have proven their dedication to the purpose of the Brotherhood. All lessons are prepared under the direction of the Supreme Voice and Council and approved by the Great White Lodge and the Executive Board before being made available.


  • The Supreme Voice and Council have tested every law, principle, experiment and exercise before they are given to the student.

  • The Brotherhood is a visible agent for the Invisible Great White Lodge, whose authority they acknowledge in all things.
  • The earnest, sincere student who desires to approach the Great Adepts is given the opportunity to prepare himself for contact with the Great Adepts. 
  • The Great Adepts of the White Lodge, working from higher spiritual planes, guide and aid the student who has made himself ready for such aid. Through this guidance they are directed along the path of life, in such manner, that they are able to live in harmony with Divine Law.
  • The Brotherhood extends an invitation to all worthy, sincere students to affiliate in the Great Work. It is your privilege to be a Light-Bearer if you will.