" The Divine Path of Light will be given to the world" - Doreal.

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How Do I Join?
Who May Become Members

Any person of at least 18 years of age, of any race, color, of either sex, may become members of the Brotherhood of the White Temple College and Church if they are willing to subscribe to the Doctrine of the Brotherhood and will work to advance themselves in knowledge and aid in the establishment of the Christ-Kingdom. They must be willing to use the knowledge they gain to help others as well as themselves. They must be willing to support the Church and its work, according to their means, and be constantly alert for an opportunity to spread the Truth taught wherever fertile ground is found.

We must remember the saying of Jesus, "Unless ye come as little children, ye shall in nowise enter the kingdom of heaven." We must all come as children, our minds cleansed by the Spiritual Baptism of Cosmic Fire, of all old ideas and concepts, for you will be taught many new interpretations of oft-quoted passages of the Bible.

Regardless of race or color, all SOULS are from the One Source, the Divine Spirit and all are equally welcome in the Christ-Kingdom. We only ask that your purpose in gaining Truth be unselfish, and for the betterment of the world as well as yourself.

If you desire to align yourself with Light and aid to banish the darkness of negation in the world, you are invited to become one with us.

Wherever possible, churches will be formed and ministers placed in charge to hold religious and metaphysical services and aid the members in healing and mastery of self. Our ministers are ordained and can perform marriage ceremonies, baptisms and carry out the ritual for the burial of those who pass through transition. Through the work of our ministers, the written lesson, and your own effort, you are preparing for a place in the coming Christ-Kingdom.

How You May Join

You may become a member by filling out the various Application Forms showing the manner in which you will support the Brotherhood and its work with your means. The Application Form(s) should be enclosed with your first contribution and either mailed to the Headquarters of the Brotherhood, or handed to any ordained minister of the Church.

At the end of each week, all applications received during the preceding week will be passed on, and if your application is accepted, you will receive your first written lesson(s) and membership card. You then become a worker in the body of the Christ-Kingdom.

Your membership continues throughout life unless severed by your own desire, or by action of the executive committee of the Brotherhood for cause. You may retain your membership in another church of your choice, if you wish, as affiliation with the Brotherhood Church is designed to give you instruction in the deeper mysteries of the teachings of Jesus.

There is a minimum charge for membership in the Brotherhood. Love Offerings may be made according to your means or you may tithe according to the ancient law of the first fruits, if you desire. The Brotherhood is open to all who desire to live the Christ-life and advance the Kingdom of God on earth.

You will observe on the application forms, that you may enroll in the Brotherhood on a voluntary monthly contribution basis, or you may tithe according to your income; contributions or tithes are greatly appreciated. Enclose your donation with your application and mail to Headquarters. All contributions are used for spreading truth, so all may have an equal chance to drink from the fountain of Eternal Light.



The Fellowship Of The Avatar Membership

The Fellowship of the Avatar Membership is the third Unit of Study offered to the student. The Seeker may take one or all three Courses offered by the Brotherhood.

Beloved Chelas:

  • In obedience to the commands of the Avatar Harjas, the World-Teacher of the Golden Age, we are calling to all Sincere Students of Truth who desire to enlist under "The Banner of Shamballa" as workers to prepare the way for the "Lord of the World", the Avatar "Harjas"; who is the incarnation of the Christ-Consciousness in the present Age.

  • All over the world, enlightened men and women are preparing themselves to be disciples of the "Great Soul" when he emerges from Shamballa to lead the World Spiritually and materially into the New Golden Age of Brotherhood.

  • The requirements for entering the Fellowship are simple. One must dedicate their life to the Search for Truth. They must Spiritually work to prepare the way for the Coming World-Teacher. They must follow the simple instructions, which will be given monthly, for attunment with the Avatar. Those who earnestly and sincerely work for the Avatar will eventually make personal contact with him and receive his personal instructions. It is not necessary to be a member of the Brotherhood College. The instructions will be given freely to every sincere soul who is willing to prepare for discipleship, and who will earnestly strive to bring the message of Truth to those groping in darkness and work without faltering to establish the Brotherhood of Man and the Christ-Kingdom on earth.

  • In return, you will receive a message direct from the Brotherhood teachers each month. A message that will be a lamp to light your way on the Path of Service and guide you to direct contact with the World-Teacher. If you desire to become one of the disciples of the Avatar, fill out the accompanying request.

In Divine Truth,

Brotherhood of the White Temple