" The Divine Path of Light will be given to the world" - Doreal.

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The Brotherhood Correspondence College
What Does The Brotherhood Teach?

The Brotherhood gives to its members a complete instruction in ALL of the fundamental laws of the Cosmos. It teaches the individual how to develop their own inner powers so that they become perfectly balanced on the three phases of manifestation; physical, mental and spiritual. It teaches Universal Law in all of its aspects, so that the student learns the Key-Truths, which enables them to strip the veil from the symbols of all philosophies and religions and find the true God behind all manifestations.


These Lessons are carefully prepared so that the student may learn the fundamental laws, not only of the material but also of the higher mental and spiritual planes. All Lessons remain the property of the Brotherhood, being only LOANED for the use of the student, and must be returned if the membership is terminated.


The instruction is separated into the following divisions:



College Lessons


Ancient Wisdom Teachings

Truth Sheet (Information from BWT headquarters)

Truth Workers Guild Lessons (Lectures by BWT Minsters)


Fellowship of the Avatar Lessons


Magazine (Light On The Path)

Brotherhood College

The Brotherhood of the White Temple Correspondence College is recognized by the State of Colorado as a bona fide post secondary religious educational institution. The College Work is a series of lessons on every branch of occult, metaphysical and Spiritual Science including healing. These Lessons are divided into four Neophyte and twelve Temple grades. These sixteen grades require approximately four and one-half years to complete. Each grade has from twelve to twenty-seven lessons, one lesson being mailed each week. Upon completion of this course, the student may then be invited to enter the Inner Work of the Brotherhood.


With the application a contribution of $25 dollars for a one-time Entrance Fee and $27 dollars for the first month's lesson is required, which will be returned if the application is rejected for any reason. A further contribution of $27 dollars each month is required as long as one remains a member. Upon being accepted for membership, you will be mailed the first lesson and a membership card.

What The College Teaches?

The Brotherhood recognizes the fact that each soul manifests through a different vehicle, and a different degree of consciousness and development. It knows that the problems of each individual are different and for this reason it desires to help you with your own particular obstacle. You may write the Brotherhood an explanation of your particular problem and you will be shown how you may eliminate it according to Divine Law.


It recognizes that perfect health is a vital factor in development, for if one is constantly beset by pain and illness, it is hard for the full power of consciousness to be turned toward the Divine Light. For this reason, it teaches the Laws of perfect health according to the Divine Plan. It shows you how to overcome all physical disturbance, so that your efforts toward Spiritual unfoldment will be unhindered.


  • It teaches the way by which you may conquer space, time and matter, and enter into the higher planes where the Great Adepts teach in a manner unknown to the material world.

  • It shows you how to call upon your inner self for guidance in the problems which confront you in your daily life.

  • It teaches you how you may attain liberation from the material, and manifest in higher planes of consciousness.

  • It teaches the location of the occult centers, spiritual and material, and how to awaken them, so that the inner power of the soul may manifest in the material world.

  • It shows you how to contact both the Master within and the Master without so that you may fully comprehend and use the Mighty Divine Laws of the Universal Consciousness.

  • It teaches you how the Creative Spirit brought all things into manifestation and how to harmonize yourself with this Creative principle.

  • It teaches the Laws of Cosmogony and the secrets of God's Plan for the Universe.

  • It teaches the secrets of alchemistry, and the ancient Kabbala.

  • It teaches the secret meaning of symbols, so that their understanding may be applied to all religions and philosophies.

  • It teaches you how to rejuvenate and vitalize all of the organs of the body, so that you may be more fully able to manifest in perfect body, mind and soul.

  • The ancient Yoga secrets of Asana(posture), breath and Mantra (chant) are given in a manner suitable for the Western body as well as the Eastern body.

  • It teaches you how to recover the knowledge attained in past lives, by reading the Akashic (universal) Records.


Finally, it teaches you how to become at-one with the Universal Consciousness.


All of the work given is for the purpose of developing your own inner power, so that you may become a perfect instrument for the Divine Consciousness to manifest through. You learn to find the Great Masters of Wisdom, and coordinate your efforts with theirs, so that more Light may shine on a world of darkness.


You learn how to find your own part in the Great Plan, so that you may perform the works best suited to your own talents.



Ancient Wisdom Teachings

In addition to the Metaphysical College Lessons you will automatically receive a Course of Lessons and sermons on Metaphysical and Religious instructions. The Ancient Wisdom Teachings Lessons contain explanations of the Original Gnostic Teaching of Jesus with Metaphysical explanations and daily suggestions for Spiritual Concentration. The Lessons are prepared with the idea of giving the seekers a correct understanding of the principles of the Divine as expounded by Jesus and the Great Prophets of the Christian Bible. Two lessons are sent out every other week with your College Lessons.


It is the belief of the Brotherhood that in many aspects the true teachings of the Bible have been lost by the orthodox churches. It is the purpose of the Brotherhood to restore these teachings to their original form, making them understandable to everyone.


These Lessons very closely interconnect and support the Teachings in the College Lessons. These two Units of Study give a greater and clearer understanding of the mystical and occult Truths and will explain the manner in which the seeker may utilize the Truth Principles in his everyday life. Enrollment in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings is automatic for those that enroll in the College Course. The College Lessons aids in raising the inner self to the liberation of the soul and spirit so one can attune with the Avatar and others throughout the cosmogony of the universe.