" The Divine Path of Light will be given to the world" - Doreal.

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BWT, Inc. Since 1930
BWT, Inc. 1930年 創立
BWT, Inc. 1930년 설립
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Brotherhood Of The White Temple Headquarters
The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood was formed in 1930 by Dr. Doreal as a channel for bringing the Ancient Wisdom to mankind. He has studied the Kabbala of the Hebrews, Christian Mysticism, Yoga and all other branches of the Ancient Wisdom. His teachings have reached students in all parts of the worlds. Over one million books and pamphlets written by Dr. Doreal have been distributed so that your instruction is directly from him. He carefully watches your progress and from time to time gives the individual instruction so necessary for progress. When a member has a problem they may write for personal spiritual help.

Brotherhood Headquarters
  • The Brotherhood was established as Western Shamballa or Shangri-La in the Rockies, which will eventually become the Spiritual Center of the Western world.
  • At the present time the Brotherhood Headquarters is nestled in beautiful surroundings of meadows, a pond, pine trees, shrub oak and wildflowers in the front range of the Rocky Mountains on forty acres. This joins 1560 acres that belongs to the members of the Brotherhood. From this mountain site the Brotherhood directs its Spiritual work throughout the world.
  • The adjoining 1560 acres has been incorporated under the title, "Shamballa Ashrama". Through the center of this property lies a mountain valley separating two high mountains. A fine road runs the length of the valley, a distance of about two miles. Amidst towering pines and lining both sides of the valley and near the headquarters members have erected homes. 
  • A Temple has been built for classes and meditation. All this is owned by the members who have contributed work and money to the project. Only members of the Brotherhood are entitled to apply for membership in Shamballa Ashrama. It was built as a Western Shamballa or Shangri-La for a Spiritual and Material Retreat from the world chaos which prophecy tells us is almost at hand.
  • The Brotherhood Headquarters has been established in Shamballa Ashrama as a Spiritual Retreat where those who enter may have an opportunity for spiritual and occult development under ideal conditions of peace, quiet and solitude.
  • Only thirty-five miles from Denver, the Brotherhood and Shamballa are easily accessible. A good road connects with a main highway. Many kinds of animals, deer, bear, etc., are often seen on the Retreat property. Wildflowers abound.

  • True seekers for Truth and Wisdom are invited to affiliate with a group of earnest and sincere searchers who are working day and night to make the vision of a Mighty Center of Light, Love and Peace come true. Much has been accomplished; with your help, the vision in its entirety can be materialized. Membership in the Brotherhood does not include membership in the Retreat. This is separately incorporated by the members and all land and properties belong to the members. Membership in the Retreat is restricted to members of the Brotherhood.